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  • Sunday Worship Service - 11:00am
  • Sunday School All Ages - 11:00am

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The self proclaimed album entitled "Deep Waters Edge", will push you beyond the next level of christian praise & worship. Get ready to dance and shout your way to a new day.

1. Weapons of warfare
2. Rain on our fields
3. Live and not die
4. Hold to his hand
5. Without you
  6. Walking dead
7. Spirit of the lord
8. Red fire burns
9. Taking it back
10. Sound from heaven


DWE CD - Feels Like Home

The second release from DWE entitled "Feels Like Home ", is going to bring you back to the days of old time tent revival. So go ahead and kick off your shoes and get ready to praise like never before.

1. I'm livin' for the lord
2. I love to praise him
3. Water for my soul
4. Holy ground
5. He's not forgotten you
  6. Have a little talk with Jesus
7. Have I told you lately
8. Stand tall
9. The blood medley
10. My sould finds rest


Voices In My Head

"Voices In My Head" is one of the most insightful books you will ever read. Let Pastor Jimi Higgins show you the impact that both the wrong and right people have when they speak into your life.


Voices In My Head - Sermon

"Voices In My Head", is one of the most profound sermons you will ever get your hands on. Pastor Jimi talks about choosing the right voice to listen to in this day and age. Get your copy today.