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Friday, 20 December 2013 21:00

A Holy Day

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Isaiah 9: 6,7

6 “ For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

7 Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end,”

Love is an action verb. To say I love you and have no corresponding action to support the statement, is to say with your actions what you really intended to say. It’s like saying, “I exercise,” but then have no action that indicates that the statement is true. In the book of James we get a true picture of love in action. James said, “Let us not love in word only, but in deed.” Don’t just talk about your love, but show it by how you act or what you do.

I’m so glad that our Heavenly Father showed us about the demonstration of love. Herein is the love of God made manifest that while we were yet sinners He gave His Son to die for us. The Father demonstrated His love towards us by the giving of His Son. He didn’t wait until we deserved it, or we could be rewarded for some noble thing, or because we were on the nice list. While we were undeserving and unworthy of such a gift of love, He gave. God is love! God is a giver.

It’s Christmas! Christmas brings out a vast hue of colorful opinions, ideas, superstitions, traditions, joys and sorrows. We are not superstitious in the observance of Christ’s birth. It is a fact that He was born to a virgin called Mary. There are many opinions and arguments as to what the actual date of his birth was. So because there is not an actual date on the calendar, many chose to not celebrate His birth at all. As a believer I am compelled to declare His day a Holy Day, a day of observance, a day to have parades, to celebrate that God has declared “Peace on Earth and good will to mankind.” His birth was heralded by the Angels of Heaven. The wise and the wealthy, the faithful and forgotten visited Him to worship and bestow gifts upon God’s grand entrance into our realm. They gave gifts in recognition of God’s gift to mankind. The Savior, the King of kings and the Lord of lords. How can we just casually sweep under the rug the grandest birth the earth has ever known. Emmanuel, God with us! God didn’t forget us, and He didn’t forsake us! He sent His son to purchase us and to make a way for us to be a part of the family of God.

Don’t you dare bring insult to this great day. You need to celebrate His birth. Do honor to the greatest gift by being a gift to someone and by gifting someone a piece of your heart, a demonstration of His love. Since we don’t know the actual date let us embrace the fact that His birth is worthy of a day of recognition. His birth is worthy of some flamboyant display from those whom His life has changed for the better! Let us use this season to bring the true reason for our giving.

God demonstrated His love by giving the most treasured thing in His life, His Son. His Son demonstrated His love for the Father by humbling Himself and becoming a servant even unto death. Now let us rise up as His disciples, His followers, those who believe in the very nature of God and let us honor Him by our giving. Giving of ourselves in worship to Him, and giving of our self in serving those whom He loves.

It’s the season to demonstrate the reason that we believe in His gift of love. Do something to brighten somebody’s holidays. Call somebody who you know needs a kind word. Drop a card in the mail, or email someone, not out of routine, but out of love. Do some random act of kindness! If you vow to be a blessing to others, you’ll discover that He will bless you in ways you’ve never known.

From our house to yours we wish you the most blessed Christmas you’ve ever known. May the mercies of God be made fresh to you and may you be re-newed by His Holy Spirit! We love you and there’s nothing you can do to change it!

Pastors Jimi and Debi Higgins  

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Jimi Higgins

I have been a Pastor for over 30 years, married to the woman of my dreams, and fathered 5 children.  Life is what you make it, so Dream Big, Live Loud, and Love Often!

I've been a friend to many, but i've not many friends!

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